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We unifies EDM with Dance through a brand new YouTube Series
Bringing Movement to Sound

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Season 3

Everything from Hooping, Shuffling, Capoeira, Gloving, Flow Arts, and more! Lineup includes Bad Royale (Mad Decent), Taurus Scott (SMOG), Jounce, Little Dinosaur, Jack Spaidz, and Boomtail!

About Rave Train

For years and yesteryears, we have reminisced about the cultural phenomenon that is, was, and forever will be Soul Train. A movement that set on fire the influence of dancer and dancer awareness on a global stage. Ever since, nothing could hold a candle to the impact that this era has had on inspiring the dance community at large.

Flash forward to the present and a group of diehard electronic music, dance, and cultural fanatics had a series of chance meeting during which they each realized they were riding a similar thought wave...

Why not resurrect the spirit of said cultural phenomenon with the heartbeat of the ever exploding electronic music realm?!

With zero dollars, tangible passion, and endless hours of dedication, Rave Train was born. And now, on the precipice of festival season, Rave Train has been launched into the webosphere.

Rave Train is a Youtube webseries (youtube.com/ravetraintv) which features the world’s best EDM Dj’s along with dancers from all disciplines. Hosts Blaze and Julianna interview today’s up and coming artists, while they play a live set with original beats while dancers move along to bring a visual entertainment to music.

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New Release
New RT dance music video ft. Snoop Dogg - Let Me Hit It (Jason Nevins Remix)
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